(will eat anything once)



When it comes to the Australian food industry, chances are that Melissa Leong has written about it, broadcast it, promoted it, been friends with it, or initiated a Twitter fight about it at some point. Starting out as a freelance food writer, she took a 5 year detour into restaurant marketing and PR consulting, specialising in building and launching brands as well as digital presence.

After kicking asses and taking names (co-founding The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide award winning restaurant industry initiative TOYS Collective in 2009 with Belle’s Hot Chicken chef Morgan McGlone), she returned to what she knows and loves best; writing, radio broadcasting, television presenting and generally shouting from the rooftops about what makes the Australian food scene so great.

As a freelance food writer, she specialises in cookbooks, recipe editing and chef wrangling, and has most recently had a hand in bringing to life books for chefs Colin Fassnidge (Four Kitchens, Random House) Dan Hong (Mr Hong, Murdoch Press), Sydney pub group Drink'n'Dine's This Could Get Messy, Murdoch Press) and best seller The Great Australian Cookbook, (PQ Blackwell). 

It doesn't just stop there folks, this one's not one for pigeonholing. She's also up to the task of being a talking/eating head (ahem showreel here), and working with Sydney based photographer Caroline McCredie the pair operate as a photography/stylist team, producing high calibre food photography for commercial and editorial work for best in category produce brands, producers and restaurants.


Background images styled by Melissa Leong and photographed by Caroline McCredie, copyright 2014.