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Fooderati visits Justine Schofield on Everyday Gourmet

I had a blast hanging out with Justine Schofield, cooking up a few of my favourite simple recipes for season 8 of her show Everyday Gourmet on Channel 10. Check out my easy peasy and SUPER DELICIOUS tom yum sausage rolls as seen on the show this week, and if you want to give it a go CLICK HERE!


The Cook's Pantry on Channel 10

The Cook's Pantry.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of filming a couple of my favourite Fooderati recipes with legend and all round good guy Matt Sinclair for his new show The Cook's Pantry. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to check them out! Click HERE to view on TenPlay!

Studio 10 Guest Host...ME!

Last week I had the pleasure of guest hosting Network 10's Studio 10 panel talk show, talking about all things food, current affairs and cooking up my mum's foolproof pork and prawn wontons.

Among the many topics of conversation, it was awesome to have the opportunity to talk about eating the whole beast - that is, if you choose to eat meat then it's my opinion that we should dignify the animal's life by eating as much of it as you can. Offal and secondary cuts aren't a novelty on restaurant menus, but a way of eating that many of us have grown up with...and if you haven't, then I would encourage you to try it. You don't need to dive into something too unfamiliar; perhaps dip a toe in the water by choosing a non prime cut of beef such as skirt steak, shin (a great braising cut), buy a bag of chicken livers and make your own pâté, or you know what? Ox tongue, braised and then chargrilled on the barbecue is pretty goddamn delicious. 

Click here to hear what I had to say about.

Click the video above to view the segment!