Avoiding Single Use Plastic While Travelling: ABC RADIO

My sustainable travel kit

My sustainable travel kit

I love my regular food and travel segment with Richelle Hunt on ABC Melbourne! Aside from being hilarious, warm and well versed on every subject under the sun, she lets me talk about anything I’m into. A huge focus for a while, has been creating less single use waste while on the road, so we talked about my tips for travelling a bit more consciously as a human. The good news is that it isn’t cumbersome, or difficult, it’s totally doable!

All you need is:

  • A reusable water bottle (an insulated one is great for keeping things hotter or colder for longer). Go through international security with it empty so you can take it through, then refill on the side, or ask your air host to do it while in the air. If you can nab a lemon wedge from the lounge, a cafe, or the bar cart, even better!

  • A reusable straw for smoothies, juices and other slurpables (mine is from Melbourne brand Toko Eco)

  • A sleeve with reusable cutlery, and YES, the knife is TSA friendly!

  • A travel coffee cup (so you don’t to use the disposable ones on the plane)

  • (not pictured) a stainless steel, leak proof bento, for snacks. It’s obviously fine to eat what you are served on a plane, but if you want to eat healthier and make sure everything you use isn’t wrapped in plastic, then this is a great way to go!

    My favourites are things like jerky, almonds, dark chocolate, seaweed crisps, fruit, or konjac noodles with a dressing. Vegan food is great because you don’t have to worry about it spoiling at room temperature for a few hours, which is also a good call, no matter how much meat you eat.

Tune in here to listen to the piece, and while I am most certainly not evangelising this way to travel, I can highly recommend it for convenience, deliciousness, and a tiny contribute to being a responsible human for the planet. Tiny changes by many, add up.