What is The Slowdown? From Burnout To Breaking Down, Here's My Story.

The Slowdown Press Melissa Leong

I spent some time recently, with the incredible @katepascoesquires for her new publication @theslowdownpress. It’s easily the most raw I’ve been about who I am and how I’ve come to view the world, but I think that real talk is the kind we should be having more with one another in the world, whatever the medium. ⁣⁣
In it, I talk about my personal struggles with mental health, what really happens when you burn out, and an honest account of how I’ve finally come to be comfortable in my skin. If you read it, thank you for sharing my story and I wish you well in yours. The Slowdown is a wonderful online publication that shares the stories and lessons learned by a heap of people from all walks of life and perspectives, so I invite you to read on, and maybe find some inspiration on your own path.

Click here to read my story.

Images and words by Kate Pascoe Squires.