adjective: erudite

{C}1. Having or showing great knowledge or learning.


…the first of a guide series based in on-the-ground knowledge, curated with intelligence and taste. 

The Erudite Travel Guide to Southern Tasmania is a pocket-sized all killer (no filler) guide to Hobart and nearby areas worth visiting. From poppin’ fresh sushi situated in duelling banjo country, to where to find custom letterpressed stationary or organic sheep’s milk cheese, Erudite rounds up the fresh, the hard to find and the cool. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, if you’re a fan of the finer things (at any budget), chances are this guide is exactly what you need in your life, when you’re visiting the southern end of The Apple Isle.

The Erudite Guide to Southern Tasmania is available as a printed guide book online HERE.

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The Book Kitchen

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Fullers Book Shop

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Willie Smith's Ciderhouse

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Grandvewe Cheeses

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